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Rick Rosenthal, Founder and CEO


Rick began his career in the Investment Banking Division of Citigroup, where he first developed his skills in excel.  Rick's career also includes many years of experience at leading hedge funds as well as senior level positions in the corporate finance world.


Based on his experience on Wall Street and in Corporate Finance, Rick noticed a big inefficieny that exists in the corporate world - many employees would take hours, days, weeks and even months to complete tasks that he could complete in minutes.  Rick would hold highly demanded lunch-and-learn sessions for his fellow employees, but the amount of time and effort required to become an expert made it unlikely that these sessions would yield any long-lasting results.  And given that many employees utilize excel on an ad-hoc basis as opposed to on a daily basis, the effort required to become an expert wasn't worth it to others.  It would be easier, instead, for employees to send him their excel files and let him quickly edit it as directed.  He noticed a similar phenomenon in his own home, when his wife occassionally needed to use excel.  Based on this insight, Rick decided to team up with some other former investment bankers to form Excel Pros and to start offering these services to the public.


At Excel Pros we’re passionate about making your experience as quick and stress-free as possible.  Send us your excel files today and see the results!

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